penguins are such amazing creatures. Penguins are birds but they can’t fly. Penguins are very fast swimmers though and can swim in really cold water. People think of penguins living in Antarctica, but penguins only  live in south Antarctica. Penguins main diet is fish. Penguins make nest on the ground to lay their eggs. And when they have babies of their own they feed them but chewing up food and regurgitating to into their baby’s mouth.



cats are very intelligent. Cats can always land on their feet when they are falling from a distance they can turn themselves around so they land on their feet. Cats can sometimes pant but it isn’t good for them. Cats are very independents that is why they are not very popular pets.


Deer are my favorite animals. Did you know that male deer grow new antlers every year. Deer mark their territory with a strong scented phrenomon. Baby deer learn to walk after twenty minutes after they are born. Deer usually travel with other deer for safety. When deer are grazing they are very cautious and look up at the smallest noise.


Today I am writing about bears. Bears may look cute a fluffy but don’t go up to them and pet them. The largest carnivore on land is the short faced bear that is twice the size of a normal bear. Bears are very intelligent, the bears roll rocks into bear traps then they get the food safely. In the wild bears live up to thirty years. Bears can run up to 40 miles per hour. And a bears regular heart beet is 40 beets per minute. Mama bears are very protective.img_4628


birds are pretty cool animals. A lot of people love to hunt birds and I may love animals but I am not anti-hunting because if there was no hunting imagine how many animals there would be. my favorite type of bird is eithecanadiangooser a robin or a cardinal. Every year before winter my family puts out bird food and we love to watch all the pretty birds come. My family also have a hummingbird feeder outside. I also like bluebirds they are so lovely but they are so aggressive. A lot of birds live near my house there is always a birds nest in garage in the spring.





Giraffes are so cute to me. Giraffes amaze me they can stretch it and can reach so far with it. What surprises me is that they can blend in really well I always thought you can see them because of all their dots.

giraffe1234567.jpg - Giraffe


I have two puppies and I can not think of my life without them. What makes me mad is when I see dog or cat that has been dumped at the side of the street. Dogs are unique in every way they are loyal and loving. When I think about a dog being dumped on the side of the street, what do you think they are thinking? Are they thinking they are coming back, it breaks my heart. So I am going to encourage you to adopt a dog or any animal because every dog or cat deserves a loving home.img_1014


This is a website about animals. Animals are loving animals and are great companions. there are so many animals that we wont do all of them. There are a few animals that we are going to focus on like dogs, and deer. Deer are my favorite animals.img_7662